The call for papers is open...

Dear Ridgeback friends,


The general idea of the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress is to socialize with peers and to exchange insights. Therefore we start off the “call for papers” i.e. an appeal to contribute presentations, lectures and reports to the world congress 2020. 


In order to share your experience as breeders, judges, veterinarians or scientists we are looking for you as speaker respectively panellists. But also exhibitors, trainer or simply fanciers are very welcome to take an active part in our discussions.   


To give you a rough idea: We ask for your experience of what is noticed in the past four decades in the development of our Ridgebacks? Whereto has the breed evolved?

-      Did this development affect health and functionality?

-      Have methods of the molecular genetic tests been helpful so far?
  … or have we left anything to chance and have simply been lucky?

-      Did our discussions on prior world congresses lead to a consistent interpretation of the standard

-      What’s required for future breeding work?


... and so on.


We are seeking for a summary of the breeder’s work since we started our discussions in 1984 on the 1st RR World Symposium in South Africa and would highly appreciate your lively participation. 


Please send any requests or proposals to