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Foreword to the RRWC 2020 program
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Tueday, 9 June 2020

Rhodesian Ridgeback Academy


The RR Academy starts around 1 pm and will end at 6 pm. This half day is organized as a comprehensive and intensive workshop and therefore only allows max. 50 participants. Registration for the RR Academy has to be done separately via email (


Details follow soon.



Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress

Mrs. Liz Megginson, Patroness of RRWC and Chairlady SARRC,

Linda Costa, Vice-President RR parent club Zimbabwe


Opening, statements, history and outlook

Prof. Dr. Andrea Fischer, University of Munich


Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in Ridgebacks; diagnosis, test, statistics, therapy.



CV Prof. A. Fischer
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Prof. Dr. Martin S. Fischer, University of Jena


Dogs in motion; new insights into the motion sequences and the coherences between skeleton, musculature and locomotion. 

Prof. Dr. Ottmar Distl, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation 


Latest study results on the development of the dermoid sinus (DS) test from 2019/2020

Dr. Cornelia Renczes, Veterinary Surgeon & Ridgeback Breeder


Experiences, findings 6 statistics from ridgeless matings

At the end of day 1: BBQ Evening

Thursday, 11 June 2020


Dr. Konrad Blendinger, Veterinary Srugeon specialized for Reproduction,  Managing Director Blendivet, 


Artifical insemination, practical implementation, type of sperm, results and problems, evaluation of the international survey among RR breeders


LABOKLIN, Laboratory for Clinical Diagnostics


Degenrative myelopathies (DM) in ridgebacks, diagnosis, testing, statistics, therapy.


Dr. Maximilian Koerner, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zuerich


Modern cancer treatment in dogs

Kate Kitchenham, TV Presenter and Science Journalist, MA Cultural Anthropology & Zoology focus on Behavioural Research


Epigenetic & Behaviour of RRs

Giovanna Baccini-Carr & Dr. Hans Gerd Luesse

Natural hunting instincts of untrained Ridgebacks; a comparison between Africa & Europe (Italy)

The standard workshop on stage: International RR-judges interpret the standard conformity on stage at different Ridgebacks.

At the end of day 2: Gala Dinner

Friday to Saturday

12-13 June 2020


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Program 9 - 13 June
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