04. February 2020
MESSAGE TO THE RRWC 2020 Eight years ago, in Canada, Martin Klopsch represented the German Rhodesian Ridgeback associations, DZRR and Club Elsa and I suggested to him that he should put in a bid for the 2020 Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress, to be held in Germany. When I saw the presentation that he came up with, I and the majority of the delegates present, were confident that he and his team would put on a sterling event, a sentiment shared by the VDH, who have deemed the programme to be of...

27. January 2020
Seit heute ist der RRWC 2020 ebenso als Veranstaltung im jährlichen Kalender des VDH Kollegs aufgenommen! Since today the RRWC is also part of the 2020 training and education program of the German Kennel Club, VDH!

28. December 2019
Wir freuen uns, gemeinsam mit dem Ausstellungswesen der DZRR, nun die weiteren Infos zu den Showtagen vom 12.-13.06.2020 geben zu können! The RRWC and DZRR show team is happy to provide you with further information about the shows on June 12th and 13th, 2020!

27. November 2019
In coordination with Konrad Blendinger and the RRWC program team we have developed a short survey helping us to understand qualitative and quantitiave indicators of different methodes in breeding. Please take some minutes and help us collecting some useful data that will be shown and published during the RRWC. / In Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem RRWC Programm Team und K. Blendinger haben wir eine Befragung erarbeitet, die wir während des RRWC aufzeigen und in einem Vortrag genauer betrachten.